Scale & Biofilm Prevention System

A very versatile and accurate system for high volumes of water designed to prevent the build-up of hardness scale (due to high concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium ions) and bio-film in various water reticulation systems (e.g. irrigation, household use, boiler and cooling, municipal and borehole water).

Working mechanism: The system makes use of a water meter that is connected to chemical dosing pumps. These pumps are set to the required dosing regime as required by the specific type of water and its intended use. The meter activates the dosing pumps with every 10L that passes the meter. This pulse can be adjusted according to every specific need (e.g. one pulse every 100L).

Scale prevention chemical

The chemical used SB1400 is designed to exchange Sodium ions for Calcium and/or Magnesium ions. The chemical reaction is very stable, it prevents the Calcium and/or Magnesium ions from precipitating in the reticulation systems. The SB1400 also helps to remove build-up of scale formed previously. Dosing requirements range from 4 – 8mg/l.

Biofilm prevention

A chlorine based product is used to keep the system free of bacteria and pathogens. The growth of algae in the system will also be prevented, keeping the system clean and open. Dosing requirements range from 10 – 20mg/l, depending on the water chlorine demand.


This system can treat as little as 2000l/d. It can be adjusted to treat any volume of water, because the dosing pumps and meters used can be selected for the specific need. Furthermore it can also be used to dose different chemicals, insecticides, plant nutrients and more.