Plug & Play Bottling Unit

The plug and play bottling unit is designed as a small start up bottling plant. It can either be used to sell water directly to the public or to bottle your own water. This unit is capable of bottling 100 x 5 liter bottles or a 1000 x 500ml bottles in an eight hour day.


  • Pressurized storage tanks eliminate the need for secondary sterilization and additional booster pump making it cost effective.
  • Compact table with a small footprint that houses all purification equipment and serves as bottling table.
  • Unit is very easy to install, because it is factory build and tested and requires very little assembly.
  • Compact and well designed bottling stations on top of the unit.


  • RO218 reverse osmosis purifier capable of purifying at 50 liters per hour
  • 2 x pressurized storage tanks with a capacity of 70 liters
  • Taste and odour polishing filter
  • Table to house purification equipment and be used as bottling table
  • 2 x bottling stations for 500ml bottles
  • 2 x bottling stations for 5l bottles
  • 1 x bottling station on the side for 25 liter bottles