MegaChars, Water Softeners & Descalers


The mega char is a vessel filled with three layers of media designed to filter municipal water.

The first two layers are aimed at the removal of large particles and sediment from the water.  The last layer is coconut shell activated carbon which fills the majority of the vessel.  This will also filter the water but is aimed at the removal of chlorine, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and bad tastes and odours from the water.

The tubular designs that is used, makes it more effective than similar filters because of the longer “detention time” that the water has with the activated carbon.

The activated carbon has the ability to adsorb some chemicals, chlorine and VOC’s.

The water flows from the top down through a tightly packed bed of media, which allows the water to be filtered completely.  Pushing up through the riser tube, the water is directed to either filter, backwash or rinse.

The backwash and rinse cycles ensures that the filter stays clean on the inside and prevents the water from forming tunnels through the media.

It also extends the lifetime of the media.

  • The mega char stands head and shoulders above similar products for whole house filtration.
  • The backwash and rinse capability lengthens the lifetime of media and ensures lower maintenance fees.
  • The tubular design ensures a longer detention time with the activated carbon which increases the effectiveness of the filter.
  • The vessel is a Wave cyber fibre glass vessel which can handle a maximum pressure of 150 psi.
  • The grey colour of the vessel prevents algae growth on the inside.

Water Softener

Water softeners have been around for many years and is still the best solution available to get rid of lime scale in water. The process that water softeners use to remove lime from water is called ion exchange. Simply put ion exchange is when hardness ions (lime) in the water is replaced by sodium or potassium ions (salt). The resin beads are all loaded with sodium ions and when the water passes over the resin the sodium trades places with the calcium and magnesium in the water. The calcium and magnesium then stick to the resin. This is also why the water has a higher sodium content afterwards and can taste very different from before. The sodium however has no adverse effects when using the water.

Ion exchange water softening is one of the most cost effective and one of the only processes that completely removes lime scale from the water. Similar products may put the lime in suspension and protect elements such as pipes and geysers, while the water softener completely removes lime from the water. The removal of the lime from the water not only protects your elements but also provides you with soft water, which ensures cleaner laundry, dishes, hair and provides you with a significant saving in soap usage!

Advantages of a water softener:

  • No more scale on the inside of plumbing ensures better flow in your house and prevents possible blockages
  • Lengthened lifetime of geyser elements
  • Saving in electrical bill because of a scale free geyser
  • Lengthened lifetime of all appliances that work with water, washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, iron, etc.
  • Cleaner laundry and dishes
  • Cleaner hair
  • Significant saving in soap usage

When you buy a Hydro Wellness water softener you are buying a quality product that will last you for years! All the components used are picked for their functionality and durability. Below are the different components with their advantages:

Wave cyber vessel:

  • Quality fibreglass construction
  • Grey colour prevents algae growth on inside
  • Maximum pressure 150 psi

Brine tank:

  • Black colour prevents algae growth
  • Bottom grid to filter large particles and prevent blockages
  • Brine valve with ball valve to prevent over filling

F11 analogue heads:

  • More expensive and durable than digital heads
  • Last for years
  • Metered head regenerates on usage which safes on salt usage and lengthens lifetime of resin

Higrade softening resin:

  • Quality softening resin that will last longer


Day based head

Metered head

A head that regenerates on a day setting – regardless of softening volume.

A head that regenerates on a precise softening volume – extending the lifetime of the resin, and more economic on salt usage.


A descaler is a cost effective way of protecting different elements in your house that work with water from lime scale. The descaler uses siliphos crystals which slowly dissolves into the water and keeps Calcium and Magnesium in suspension. It is important to note that the Calcium and Magnesium are still present in the water, but will not form a scale on the elements. The water will in other words still taste the same and have the same characteristics as before. The sole purpose of the descaler is to lengthen the lifetime of elements such as pipes, geysers, kettles, washing machines etc. by preventing lime scale from forming on them.


  • The descaler has 40mm female in and outlets to accommodate different size pipes and can be reduced to smaller pipe sizes if necessary. The descaler has 5kg of siliphos crystals on the inside and these crystals have to be topped up as they dissolve with usage. The frequency at which they must be topped up will depend on your usage and water quality.
  • Optimal flow rate is 1500 liters per hour, but can handle a maximum flow rate of 3000 liters per hour
  • It is important to note that in some extreme cases where there is excessive lime in the water, the crystals can start to melt together and cause blockages. If there is excessive lime in the water a water softener may be a more viable option.